New To This Stuff

Here we are … first post on my new blog, the pressure. Writing has never been one of my strengths but hey, if I write enough maybe it’ll improve? I just can’t figure those damn commas out. So if you have a problem with my grammatical errors, I apologize. I went to an educated high school and extremely educated college but still struggle. My mom always told me – if people talk about you, they’re just jealous – so I guess if people talk about my grammatical errors they’re just jealous!(?) Whatever, I’m sticking to that.

When it comes to my intention with this blog – I don’t have one. Whatever I feel like writing about, I’ll write about. I have brainstormed a few ideas because that’s what Pinterest told me to do and I came to a quick conclusion that I will mainly be writing about myself. I mean it is my blog so I probably should write about myself!?

I chose to make the title of my page “Happiest Healthiest Self” because I truly believe everyone should be that. If something doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it and if something isn’t healthy, besides the delicious treats I tend to indulge in some(all) the time, don’t do it! Whether that may be staying in on a Friday night cuddled in your jammie’s, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy or going to the hottest new bar, eating that healthy salad or devouring the California burger from Lion’s Tap that you’ve been craving – I believe whatever makes you happiest, you should do.

So with that being said, I apologize in advance, this blog will probably be all over the place for a little. Once I get in the hang of things I hope to provide helpful information as well as a fun read.

Also, I truly welcome and appreciate criticism! But another thing my mom always told me – If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all – so if you’re here to just bash my writing…..read my  first paragraph again.

with love | Madelyn

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