Stella Takes Over

Maddie decided to let me be a guest blogger for the day, I think she’s trying to make up for the whole sending me off to boot camp for 2 weeks thing…still haven’t forgiven her. I keep farting in her direction, it makes me feel better. Anyway, op! Sorry forgot to introduce myself. My name is Stella Rose and I’m a 1 year old European, brindle boxer.

This is my favorite picture – if I had a Facebook this would for sure be my profile picture. Maddie’s always taking pictures of me and I’m just like “I want to play!!!!!” My attention span is short so she learned quickly if she holds a treat over her camera I focus, smart girl. 

A little bit about myself — Maddie’s family was graced with my presence last May when they bought me from my mom and dad?? Still don’t understand that. I had a hard time adjusting to a working family. I absolutely don’t like my kennel. Why do I need to go in there? It’s small and lonely. I can’t let my hair down, stretch my legs, or cuddle. So I thought if I showed them I didn’t like it they’d stop leaving me. I had a (mini) panic attack one day, resulting in an injury, when they had to go run errands for a few hours….

After that they tried the laundry room as my kennel but my anxiety is so bad I would get a nervous tummy and poop everywhere. I DONT LIKE BEING ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silly humans tried so many remedies – melatonin, radio, TV, rawhides, calming oil but all I want is to cuddle so of course nothing works!!! Thankfully, big Dave works from home so I’m not left alone often. Riley, my sister, and I help Dave out everyday – from filing his papers to licking the icky parts on envelops. Here are some of my most favorite days at the office:

Not the best picture of me but enjoy our trips to Iowa for the day. Love having the wind in my hair.

Daily cuddles with Dave. I do this thing where 3 to 4 times a day I go over to him and cry till he picks me up and holds me for a few minutes. Yea he’s wrapped around my finger.

 Daily cuddles with my main squeeze, Riley.

Searching for the squirrels I’m gonna chase later.

My favorite – daily trips to the Post Office. Even though their treats are super dry.

Overall, working is pretty fun when I work with my best friend and such a great human.

What I’m most excited about is SPRING. Birds!!!! Walks!!!! Dog parks!!! and especially exploring in the backyard!!!!!!!!!!! My alter ego is Dora the Explorer (even though Riley isn’t much help and I don’t need a stinkin map). Dave watches me from the window sometime, which is annoying, he hovers.

I realized if I stand on the table I can see EVERYTHING, so this is my favorite thing to do. Here’s a picture …… exhibit A of Dave hovering

Talking about all this has made me realize how great my life is so I guess I’ll forgive Maddie for sending me away. I did learn a lot and I guess I did have fun. Dang it, her plan worked.

All this thinking built up a much needed nap.

kisses and wiggle butts, Stella Rose

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