Who I Am

One of the hardest questions to answer is, “so tell me about yourself.” I never know what to say! Do you want to know my favorite cheese, that I like to binge watch Netflix shows on a weekly basis, or my GPA? It’s such an open-ended question. With graduating college and preparing for future interviews, I’ve started to think a lot about that question and how I will answer it. How do I know I’ll be asked that? Well, I have yet to go to an interview without that question coming up, and a full time position is a little more important than a minimum-wage retail job so I figured I should think of a few key points that I would want them to take away. (I know that it should be mainly professional traits but I still want them to get to know the true me) I then realized that my readers probably want to know who I am, as well! You know what products I use, what’s in my bag, what books I like to read, and heck, even who my dog is but you don’t really know the person I am. I figured I should change that. And I’m not talking about where I grew up and what I like to do on the weekends – I’m talking about the person I am deep down (cheesy?)

In one of my classes my freshman year we were required to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test as well as the Gallup Strengths Finder. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I thought it was cool but kind of brushed aside the results. What a naive little freshman. Now that I’ve matured I see that I use my strengths and personality type in my everyday life – from relating to people to handling conflict, it’s truly everywhere! I’m sure if I took the StrengthsFinder test again now that I’m older and much more wise, my strengths would change. BUT it’s expensive so I’ll just keep what I have. My strengths are empathy, strategic, developer, restorative, and positivity. Majority of my strengths go hand in hand. I use empathy to understand and share feelings, I use my strategic strength to carefully plan basically all aspects in my life, I use my developer trait to see the potential in others, I use my restorative strength to solve problems, and my positivity trait speaks for itself. I truly believe my strengths say a lot about the person I am. My empathy and developer strength can sometimes bite me in the butt; I care too much about people which can lead them to walk all over me but for the most part I believe they are good traits to have! My personality type is in between INFJ and ENFJ – I’m a situational introvert and a situational extrovert (which is what I and E stand for). As for the rest:

N – Intuitive  = idealistic, imaginary, and visionary

F – Feeling = compassionate, sympathetic, ethical, and humanitarian

J – Judging = organized, authoritative, dedicated, and ambitious

Basically, my personality type says that I’m an organized person driven to implement my vision. I often see the potential in others and encourage people to pursue their ideas. I am focused on my personal values and visions so I normally have a lot on my plate. I am typically energetic and driven and tend to be optimistic and forward-thinking and when I see something I instantly want to improve it, being ambitious but not self-serving.

As you can see, my strengths and personality type go hand-in-hand and have a lot of similarities. I am fascinated that just answering a short questionnaire can define the type of person you are to a T. Another trait that I sincerely believe defines who I am is my Zodiac Sign – Pisces

February 20th – March 20th


Synopsis of sign: “Pisces will go out of their way to help a friend. They are extremely sensitive and loyal. They will take a friend’s problem and make it their own and suffer with them. This is the weak spot of Pisces but any friend of this zodiac sign should know that although they are attracted to people with severe problems who desperately need help, this actually does more harm them good. Even though Pisces will offer to make everything right, do not allow them to take on all your problems because they will lose their identity in your situation.” (Zodiac Sign – Pisces)

So who I am is pretty much summed up by my strengths, personality type, and zodiac sign. It’s pretty cool how parallel they are to each other. I learned from combining all the results that I’m, in all, a sensitive mess who puts too much time into helping others. Great! Just kidding, I really like all of my personality traits and I believe they (obviously) make me the person I am, and tootin my own horn but – I’m truly happy with who I am and you should be, too 🙂 Now you know a lot about the person I am and how I work. Hope you still like me, ha!

If you haven’t yet, I highly highly recommend taking the Myers Briggs test, the StrengthsFinder test, and reading more into your Zodiac Sign. The Myers Briggs test can be expensive so I’ve attached a free test that’s similar and you’ll still find your personality type. As for the StrengthsFinder, I couldn’t find a free test so you’ll unfortunately have to take the true test; it’s extremely useful though, so I still recommend it!

Thanks for the read!

with love | Madelyn

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