Date Night – Restaurants

My boyfriend, Alex, and I have been together for almost six years. Because of that we’ve been able to gain quite some experience eating at various restaurants in Minnesota as well as other states and countries. We are definite foodies. Over the years we started to notice that we were eating at the same few places so we decided to create a pact to try one new restaurant a week…well with our then college budgets we realized that was a little unrealistic. So we came to the conclusion to try our best to eat at different places when we would dine out.

I, being the type to make crafts out on anything I can, created a little book after researching “Top 50” lists of the best restaurants in the twin cities – because filling out a book is so much more fun (and cuter) than deleting the place off an iPhone list. I divided the book into sections by price and also restaurants within a certain radius because who would drive 45 minutes for the 49Processed with Rookieth best restaurant in the twin cities? Not us.

We’ve been able to try a small handful of the restaurants and complete the pages in the book – I’m still pretty poor since I did just graduate (and don’t expect Alex to pay for everything) so give me a break! Here is a little collage of what the book looks like >>>

Last fall, I started documenting our meals during a trip to North Carolina and have continued do so since we’ve been back in the cities – I love reminiscing on how delicious the certain plate was!

I decided to share with you our recent favorite places and also what we ordered —

Mill Valley Kitchen – St.Louis Park, Minnesota


My Meal – Mixed Salad with Salmon

His Meal – Grass Fed Filet with Scalloped Corn, Onion Marmalade, and Baby Kale Salad

This is by far one of our favorite places to eat. It can a little more on the expensive side but the food is seriously to die for. Their menu is inspired by Northern California cuisine and uses only fresh and local food to create their meals, which results in different menus depending on the season. The meals featured above are on their summer menu and I highly recommend both!

Tip: For an appetizer – sesame carrots (heaven). For a dessert – warm chocolate chip cookies (yup) or any of their miniatures (melts in your mouth).

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge – Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Processed with Moldiv

Our Meal – Suzi’s Supreme Pizza

If you’re looking for a fun experience as well as amazing pizza, you need to head to Psycho Suzi’s. With carpet that looks like wood and a Tiki Hut patio looking over the Mississippi river, this place is a hoot. I’ve only tried their pizza but I’ve heard great things about their other entrees. Have you always wanted to try a drink that’s in a mini tiki mug? This is the perfect place for you then! So on a beautiful spring or summer day when you’re craving pizza and an awesome host – head to Psycho Suzi’s for a truly great time!

Blue Door Pub – St.Paul, Minnesota

Processed with Rookie

His Meal – Jiffy Burger and tater tots

My Meal – Jiffy Burger with no bun and beer battered green beans

This place is quaint and adorable – a true ‘hole in the wall’ burger joint. We went at 8 o’clock and still had to wait 30 minutes to be seated! Thankfully, we were able to grab some beers and enjoy the nice night during the wait. The hostess and servers were quirky, which created a truly fun experience! Our waters were always full and the waitress checked on us often to make sure everything was okay, and it was! The jiffy burger is something else – peanut butter, a little mayo, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a few pickles…sounds quite gross, right? Wrong. Don’t knock it till you try it! And you must.

Tip: Get the tater tots and ask for buffalo sauce to dip them in – thank me later

Arezzo Ristorante – Edina, Minnesota 


His Meal – Fettuccine Alfredo

My Meal – Torteli Padrino

Alex and I came here for our New Years dinner last winter (then we went home and fell asleep before midnight, quite the party couple!) It’s an adorable Italian inspired restaurant that was voted best Italian food by City’s Best. It’s a little more on the expensive side but the food was absolutely delicious. The decor makes you feel like you’re in Italy and the servers are extremely polite and formal. I would definitely recommend this quaint place if you’re celebrating something special and in the mood for an Italian dish!

Red Cow – Minneapolis, St. Paul, & North Loop, Minnesota 

Our Meal – Shared the Barcelona Burger and Breakfast Burger

We came here a few weeks ago, over lunch, to celebrate his birthday. We went to the North Loop location that had just opened up and man, is it cool! The hostess and servers were extremely nice and the food was scrumptious. It was my first time there but Alex had been plenty of times so he knew exactly what to order. His favorite is the Barcelona burger and my new favorite is the Breakfast burger. Eggs could easily be one of my favorite foods so putting an egg on a burger? You have me sold. Not only do their burgers look and taste amazing but every plate we saw come out of the kitchen I truly wanted, too! Definitely recommend no matter the mood you’re in.

Rusty Taco – Northeast Minneapolis, Maple Grove, St. Paul, Minnesota 

His Meal – 2 Fried Chicken Tacos and 1 Picadillo Taco

My Meal – Baja Shrimp Taco (left) and Fried Chicken Taco (right)

Side to Share – Chips and Guacamole

We decided to come here for dinner on Cinco De Mayo and I am glad we did! $2.50 Margaritas (normally $4) and $2.50 to $3.00 tacos, fairly cheap and extremely delicious! They have three different locations – Maple Grove, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. Because he works in Minneapolis, we figured it’d be easiest to meet at that location. He had been there before, over his lunch breaks, and said the line is always out the door – it’s an order up front and wait for your name to be called type place. Our names were called pretty quick and the margaritas were quite delicious despite being poured from a pre-mixed mix. Their guacamole is to die for – tastes just like fresh Mexico guacamole in my opinion! Highly highly recommend.

Well there you have it – our favorite restaurants in the past year. Although I do recommend the plates we ordered, I also recommend the places in general. Choose whatever meal you want, I’m not your mother!!!

Attached to the name of the restaurants are their websites with links to their menus. Head there before you go to ensure you would enjoy their food because every person has different taste buds 🙂

Thanks for the read!

with love | Madelyn

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