Before & After – Bedroom

A few months shy of graduation I sat down and looked over my expenses for the summer (super fun and not stressful at all). I seriously contemplated enrolling in a few more classes just so I wouldn’t have to grow up quite yet. But I told myself I could do this, put some Aromatherapy Stress Relief lotion on, took a few (many) deep breaths and snapped back into reality.

The realization that it was financially unrealistic to continue to live in my luxurious apartment after graduation came quickly.

I needed to make a big decision.

Do I continue to live at my apartment, commute only 15 minutes to work, be extremely close to my friends but pay a ridiculous amount in rent? OR do I move home, have free food and rent but add on a 20-30 minute commute to work and friends?

Well, obviously I made the smartest decision. I found a sub-leaser and planned to move back to the place I grew up in, my parents.

I know I know, why would I move home? I’m 21, an adult. Why would I want to live with my mom and dad? To some, you might dread the thought of moving home with your parents but when it comes to my situation, not really. I was honestly ecstatic. If you know my parents you know why. They’re pretty cool. The room I grew up in? Not so cool. Best described as a HOT mess. Nothing seemed to make sense – the bedding, the decor, just the overall look. Granted, I did take most of it with me to my campus apartment. But still, HOT mess.

With starting a full time job and being a college graduate (still weird to say) putting on my big girl pants would require a big girl room, so I decided to redo it.

SIDE NOTE – My parents also thought while I was away at school my room was the perfect place to store random things…

Proof of HOT mess:


I wasn’t kidding – as you can see, a lot going on. You get an idea of my style, though, vintage with numerous pastels. If you don’t love pastels then I’m sorry, you really won’t like my room.

After graduation, I started moving back to my parents day-by-day. It’s true what people say, there’s nothing like moving to make you realize how much junk you accumulate over time. I think I threw away 2 full trash bags!

Everything unpacked but no where to go, now on to the re-vamping process.

After a few trips to my second home, HomeGoods, a few many new nail-holes in the walls (sorry dad), and a lot of sleeping-on-it to make sure I like that exact picture frame in that exact spot, my room is now complete.

(featuring Riley – our dog – not decor)



(I featured the closet decor in my ‘new room’ collage because it was too cute not to)

In my opinion, huge upgrade. As you can see, very girly style – pastels and flowers EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding when I say I go to bed smiling because I’m so happy with how my room turned out. To some, my room might be your worst nightmare but to others, it could be your heaven. Everyone has different style!

My sister walked into my room after I had finished decorating and said “it looks like Pinterest in here.” I think that is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received!!

I still have a few things I’d like to tweak. Re-decorating can get quite expensive so I’m waiting till I’ve accumulated a few paychecks before I completely finish. But then again, will I ever be finished? Probably not.

Still on my ‘to buy’ list:

  1. Black bookshelf – Finnby from Ikea
  2. Area Rug – whatever cheap one I find
  3. Nightstand with drawer – garage sale hunt!!

Thanks for the read!!

with love | Madelyn

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