Crafty – Scrap Booking

My grandmother introduced me to scrap booking during one of our monthly trips to the mall when I was in my early teens. She needed something from Archiver’s so we headed to the store; I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of crafty things you could purchase but instantly hooked to the idea of scrap booking.

Afterwards, she dropped me off at a friends house and I begged her to start scrap booking with me. The next time I spent the night we had her mom (because we were only 12) take us to Archiver’s where we bought our first scrap books and a few supplies that go with it such as paper, stickers, and letters. Of course, I had no pictures printed yet so I would leave spaces for where I would put them. Not wise. My scrapbook had zero context; one page was about my dog, the next about dance, and the next about my pool. I had so much fun so it didn’t matter and I knew this was a start to a wonderful hobby.

I have now learned to create an idea first, get the scrap book and supplies, then print the pictures and plan each page before I start gluin’ away!

I was browsing through Pinterest one day and saw a pin about Smash Book scrap books and immediately decided to use this as my next scrap book (the pin that got my attention). But as I’ve mentioned my learning lesson from previous experiences, first I needed a theme to scrap book.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years. By being together for that long we have acquired many memories as well as pictures.You can probably guess where I’m taking this – I decided to scrap book our memories so we can have them written down forever.

Now that I created my idea, I purchased the Smash Book blue folio gift set and started planning. I loved how the set came with –

  • Folio with photo sleeves
  • Black pen and glue stick
  • Elastic band
  • 70 sticky notes
  • List pad
  • Mini wallet folio
  • 2 paper clips
  • 8 sticker strips
  • 1 roll of washi tape

It’s basically a “scrap booking for dummies” type set. Also a huge plus because scrap booking supplies can be, surprisingly, extremely expensive.

Once I had my pictures laid out in the order that I wanted them to be in, I went to absolute scrap booking town.

This post would get annoyingly long if I posted a picture of every page so I chose a few so you can get an idea of the book!

I wanted to stick to a “one page per event” type look but I also had an abundance of pictures per event so I ran into a pickle. I realized that I could make little flipping tabs so the full pictures were still visible while sticking to my one page theme.

Scrap booking really tests my creativity skills and I try to come up with different ways design each page (our Halloween costumes featured above, best one yet)

The events would vary from little events such as a baseball games to large events like his kidney donation, in the first picture, or trips we would take such as, featured above, our trip to North Carolina.

I loved how the Smash Book came with designs on each page. It made a cute, easy background and also added something extra to certain pages.

What even is a hullaballoo by the way???

This scrap book is laid out in chronological order from 2012 to present. (I decided to skip over our awkward teenage years and start in 2012.)

Since I still have pages left, every few months or so I print pictures from fun events and add to the book  — like our most recent trip up North to celebrate the 4th! — Each time I go to add new pictures, I find myself looking back through it and cherishing that I can see all the fun memories we have together in one place. I’m excited to continue with this hobby so that whenever I want to, forever and ever and ever, I can reminisce on all the fun things we’ve done together and remember little things about that day I could have forgotten.

Overall, I’ve come to find that scrap booking takes a lot of patience, a lot of planning, and, as I’ve mentioned, a lot of creativity. I have the trait where I find pure joy in seeing the end result so scrap booking is a wonderful hobby to fulfill that. I’m extremely happy with how (majority of) my book has turned out thus far. There are a few pages I look back at and think “why did I put that there?” but whatevs, right?

Now that Archiver’s is no longer near my house I find myself going to Target, Michael’s, or even ordering supplies off Amazon. Like I said, it is a surprisingly spend-y habit so whatever deal I can find, I get. I definitely recommend looking into Smash Book’s, though. They are a great solution to your “but I don’t even know where to start” thoughts. Michael’s conveniently carries the full sets, so there ya go!

Hope I inspired you to start scrap booking!

with love | Madelyn

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