Latest & Greatest – Beauty Products

In one of my first posts, Morning To Night, I listed the beauty products I use for my skin. Since then my routine has greatly changed so I figured I would tell you about my new favorite products!

(I also added what makeup I use, the perfume I use, as well as the products I use in my hair)

Skin Products

Facial Cleanser: CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser – I ran out of the Murad cleanser that I’ve used for the past few years and I have always heard it’s best to switch up products because your skin can get use to the ingredients. I decided to try CeraVe because I’ve read nothing but great reviews. So far, so good. The soap gets extremely foamy, hence the name, and my skin feels squeaky clean afterwards!

Moisturizers: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream – I’ve come to learn that I have terrible ADD when it comes to my facial products. I believe I now have accumulated 5 to 6 facial lotions…I love them all, though!! This one is my new favorite. It’s extra thick for extra hydration, seriously, I can feel it still on my skin when I wash my face the next morning – it’s that thick! Because of that, I stick to using this product only before I go to sleep.

Exfoliant: Dr.Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant – I received this exfoliant in my most recent Birchbox and I am hooked. Unfortunately, a full sized bottle is roughly $75.00 but man, it’s truly wonderful. I usually pair it with my Mia Clarisonic, which leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s thigh (their butts are normally bumpy so I don’t understand where that saying came from. I think their chunky thighs are the softest)

Mask’s: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask – This mask looks and feels different than your typical mask, it reminds me more of an extreme hydrating lotion, like the Cetaphil. I say this because it doesn’t go on like the typical mask that lays over the top layer of your skin and dries, which turns your face is a brick — ever tried looking in the mirror and smiling when a thick mask dries? I imagine that’s what I’ll look like when I’m 60… if I’m lucky! — but I love this mask because I can truly tell that it’s replenishing my skin with moisture. If you’ve been feeling quite dry, even though it’s summer, I recommend this mask for sure!

Toner: Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Controlling Astringent – I found that toning your skin is extremely essential if you want to have the healthy glowing look. I’ve read that astringents (toners) balance your pH levels, refreshes your skin, cleans/minimizes your pores, and helps with skin bracers. Since the toner I use is extremely strong I use it only at night to avoid drying my skin out completely.

Spot Treatment: Tretinoin Gel – My mother and I have alike skin where we get a few zits here and there and because zits are the most annoying thing mother nature created we headed to our dermatologist to see how we can prevent and treat them. She was given this topical prescription that you apply on a fresh blemish that will help kill the bacteria and in the end, get the dang zit off your face. If you have trouble finding a good spot treatment, talk to your dermatologist about this brand! And thank you, mom for letting me use your medicine!!

Hair Products

Shampoo: Aveda Be Curly – Co Wash – Because I am extremely busy 24/7, trying to plan a time to get a haircut is a disaster. I decided one morning to walk over to the Juut Salon in Minneapolis during my lunch break and get my haircut. She ended up talking me into buying the Be Curly – Co Wash after explaining the benefits. Because I work out each morning and sweat quite a bit, I need to wash my hair. I know how bad it is for my color as well as my scalp but there’s just no way I can’t. She told me about this co-wash that is a replacement of shampoo and ensures the natural oils will not be stripped while getting rid of the product from the previous day. I am in love!! Every few days I will use normal shampoo but I can feel the difference in my hair and how moisturized it’s been.


1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – During the school year I worked at a salon called Blowdry! where ladies would come in to have their hair washed and styled. They offer full waxing and makeup services, as well! (seriously, check it out! It’s a wonderful salon.) Because many women come in for events, such as their wedding, they use top of the line products to ensure the style will last. I was introduced to the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray then wondered where it had been all my life. I usually style my hair complimenting it’s already wavy texture. But even though my hair has texture it to, it is quite flat after I wash it. This texturizing spray has changed the way I feel about clean hair, ha!

Post that helped me learn how to use it correctly

2. Oribe Volumista Mist for Volume – Much like the texturizing spray, this has helped change my feelings on clean hair. Since it’s my mothers product, (and quite spendy) I refrain from using this spray as much as I’d like to, but when I do I love the way my hair looks. Unlike the texturizing spray, I use this when my hair is still damp from the roots to ends but be careful – a little can go a long way!!


Day-to-day: Heavenly Eau de Parfum – Another one of my mothers purchases (benefits of living at home!!), I love the smell of this spray, it’s…well…heavenly! Ugh, bad joke. But seriously, my biggest problem with fragrances is that the smell wears off throughout the day. Not this one! I can still smell it when I change into my jammies.

Special Events: Tory Burch As I mentioned in my post, What’s In My Bag? I fell in love with this perfume the second I smelt it in a magazine. After dropping a few subtle — sending pictures and locations where to buy — hints to my mother, I was given a bottle for my birthday! How did she know!?!!? I actually normally wear a men’s cologne because perfumes can be too flowery smelling for me. Not this one, though. Obviously why I liked it!



1. Bare Minerals – When Bare Minerals came out in 2003, I had to try it. I really liked how it went on so light making it seem as if I had no makeup on. As well as every other facial product I use, the next fad came out and I tried that, moving away from Bare Minerals. Fast forward to a few months ago, I started to feel that my makeup looked heavy – thanks to the wonderful bathroom lights at my work – so I started doing some research for lightest-but-still-full-coverage makeup. Lone behold, Bare Minerals still exist and they make a wonderful “starter kit.” I had my skin matched and purchased the proper color! I have fallen back in love with Bare Minerals and will use it for (hopefully) a while.

2. Tarte Matte Bronzer – On the days when I’m in a rush or need to run a quick errand, I use this bronzer. I prefer the matte finish but they make a shimmer finish, as well. This is the most natural looking bronzer I’ve ever used! A definite must have if you want to look #flawless.

3. Watt’s Up! Highlighter – The new buzz word is contouring but because I prefer the more natural look I tend to choose the highlighter over the typical contouring blush. A line down the nose bridge, a dot under the bottom lip, and a swipe below the eye bone creates the image of appearing more awake and accentuates the positive features on your face, too!

4. Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer – I’ve used this concealer for as long as I can remember, not kidding, it has the special SkinClearing powers so I’m not (super) worried about clogging my pores which would cause more breakouts and who wants that?! I highly recommend this product if you get those pesky things called zits and want to cover them up without making it worse!


1. They’re Real Mascara – This mascara is the shiz. I used it for over a year then decided to change it up because well, I didn’t feel like driving to Sephora and I was already at Target. Finally, when I ran out of my cheap $4 mascara I decided to splurge and buy They’re Real, again. This mascara has by far created the best results for my eyelashes! It thickens them without clumping and lengthens them without making them look like spider legs. Absolute must if you need a new mascara and dislike the one you use now!

2. Damone Roberts Lash Tint – Another product I was introduced to at Blowdry! Damone Roberts carries a full line of eyebrow essentials. From pencils, gels, tints, shadows, and highlighters – this brand knows what it’s doing. I have very thin eyebrows but as you know, my face wash contains Hyaluronic Acid so tinting my eyebrows is a waste of money. This is basically a eyebrow dye that washes off at the end of the day. I love it!

3. Mac Eye Brow Crayon – Damone Roberts Latte Eyebrow Pencil was unfortunately on back order so I tried my moms eyebrow pencil, she’s basically my makeup guru, and then bought this pencil the next day because of how much I liked it. The tip is small enough so I don’t feel like I’m overdoing my eyebrows, because that’s never ever a good look.

4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser – If you’re like me, you have extremely noticeable under eye bags and I’ve always felt that normal cover up just doesn’t do the job. My roommate introduced this makeup to me and I finally found what I’ve been looking for! Covers my bags without looking even more tired. Must have for the early mornings!

Well now ya know what my latest and greatest products are. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email!

with love | Madelyn

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