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Gotta Have It – Fall Edition

Fall weather is upon us people. We need to start planning outfits!!!!!!!!!!! We also need to pick up our essentials to make this transition go smoothly. Want to know mine??? Keep reading then, duh.

French Press


My recent obsession and MUST have for this wonderful fall weather. No matter how nice the machines, I still have such a hard time choking down office coffee. It just truly taste different – acidic like. Nasty like is more accurate and because I’m not made of money, and don’t go straight to work from home, making my coffee or going to Starbucks everyday is less than ideal. BUT then I heard a lot of buzz on these so called ‘french press’ trinkets so I did some research and purchased all the essentials. Holy guacamole, this coffee is delicious. A french press is really just a mini coffee brewing device that uses a plunger-ish mechanism – whatever it is, I’m just glad it’s around.

Face Mask


If you know me, you know I freaking love my face masks. From hydrating, clarifying, exfoliating, and purifying, I have and adore them all. Target has these cute little single face mask packets where you can get one to two uses for around $2 dollars. Of course, I grabbed each and every one and lone behold this one had a lasting impact. It dries as a thin coat on your face then you get to peel it off. Yes, peel. It’s super creepy but super fun. My face is extremely soft after and I truly feel that the dirt is pulled out of my pores. After I ran out, I picked up this nifty tube so I don’t have to keep the packets in dingy plastic bags so they don’t dry out.

Marble Phone Case


This kind of speaks for itself. Marble is the new hip fad when it comes to being tReNdY and ya ya I am one of ‘those girls’ who hopped on the bandwagon but whatevs, this phone case is adorable and I was in need of a new one.

Leave-In Hair Conditioner


If you’re like me, your hair turns into a massive poof that sticks to anything and everything once the temperature drops below 60. And because my boyfriend gets grossed out that I lick my pointer finger and touch the static-y piece in my hair, I figured I should invest in a leave-in hair conditioner. I first received this exact product in a Birchbox, the smell is so heavenly someone asked what perfume I was wearing and it left my hair so silky smooth with limited static. Then, for my birthday, I asked for a large bottle because obviously I ran out of the sample. I am now excited for winter because I know I don’t have to worry about my crazy hair.

Plaid Scarf
What’s more fall than plaid and scarves? PLAID SCARVES! I’ve been looking for one that’s simple but still elegant and thankfully, I’ve found it! Pairing this with a gray sweater, skinny jeans, and booties – oh em gee, nothing cuter!!! Last week, we had a teaser of cold weather and I was so excited to whip this puppy out but of course, Minnesota being Minnesota, it is now back in the 80’s. Oh well! It will have it’s time..hopefully soon.



I know, I know, in my post just like 2 months ago I talked about how the SkinClearing Blemish Concealer is the BEST THING EVER. Which, I still believe it is when it comes to non-pore-clogging concealers but I started to feel that it wasn’t lasting and that I needed to reapply multiple times throughout the day. SO I did my research – through my mothers makeup bag – and tried this exact concealer. I bought it that day. So yea, it’s pretty great and will be used throughout all winter when my now instant blemish cover-up, my tan, becomes…not so tan.

Great Lakes Cabin Crew

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.12.02 PM

I love sweatshirts so much that I have two piles stacked in my closet and not one but two tubs underneath my bed, full. The thing that I don’t love? That they look like sweatshirts. They aren’t cute with a pair of boots and I feel weird putting a full face of makeup on. The thing I love about this cabin crew? That I can wear a pair of boots with it and put some makeup on!! It’s thinner material, but not so thin that it’s not a sweatshirt, obviously. It’s over sized, too, so the one you see me in (yes, that’s me BTW. Hi!), is actually a small. Cannot wait for the brisk mornings where I can throw this on and still look put together!

Hair Mask


I used to be really proactive on doing hair masks, but using the oldest excuse in the book, I’ve become so busy that it’s slipped my mind. I was given a little reminder from my girlfriend on how good they are for your hair so I dug it out (checked the expiration date) and masked away. I already notice my hair looking shine-ier and feeling soft-ier. I will be making a conscious effort to keep this on my to-do list during the colder weather…when my dry, thirsty-for-moisture hair needs it the most!!

Now ya know how I survive the weather changing into the most magical, best-est time of the year!!!!

with love | Madelyn

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