Let’s Get Physical

Starting at a young age I’ve always been pretty active. From gymnastics an1001750_10151702996049732_206565424_nd dance to soccer and basketball, I kept my parents busy by driving me around town. After
just a few short seasons I quickly realized that I was most likely not going to be a D1 soccer or basketball star (or do anything with relations to hand-eye coordination), so I decided to utilize my strengths in gymnastics and dance. Then at about age 12 my coaches informed me that because of my fast height growth to 5’4″ gymnastics will be an extremely hard sport for me. From then on, I stuck with dance.

I continued to dance up until my senior year of high school where I had to make the big decision on if I should continue to dance in college. After not making the team that I wished to (sad fachdhe), I settled on devoting all my focus to school because that’s pretty important, I guess.

A few months into college, I quickly realized that I would no longer be able to continue the lifestyle I was accustomed to – In high school I was dancing so much that I could eat whatever I wanted, like cream-cheese-bagel-every-morning type eating – It’s not that I gained the typical Freshman 15 but I started to notice my muscle definition turning into…well… not muscle and my jeans becoming a little more snug than usual. I figured it was probably time to make a change in my habits.

Eating one way for 10+ years to completely changing it to a different way was extremely hard, so hard that I’m still working on it 3 years later. I was graced with my fathers genes of a low metabolism and an extreme sweet tooth, thanks dad, and I also really really really like bagels and pizza and beer. So, it’s been fun!!

But, I’ve learned more about myself in these last three years than I could have ever imagined. I’ve learned that I have terrible self control but then if I eat the craving, I feel guilty — that doesn’t mean that I cut all bad things out because as I said I love pizza way too much — but I’ve come to find out it’s all in moderation. I’ve also learned that just because you work out doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Saying “well, I worked out today” before you engulf a Chipotle burrito does nothing but completely take away the workout you spent a portion of your busy day completing.

Speaking of working out, I see fitness quotes that say, “70% of your body is made in the kitchen, the other 30% is in the gym” and I absolutely agree. Since I’ve been tyfktfworking on the ‘70% kitchen’ part I figured I should try the ‘30% gym’ portion, too. Over the last three years I’ve tried numerous ways to stay in shape – from Corepower and personal trainers to my own routines and the Kayla Itsines 12 week program.

Just like how I learned a lot about myself in relation to food, I’ve learned a lot about myself in relation to exercise. I’ve come to find that I enjoy being told what to do and I work harder when someone is standing in front of me, pushing me to be better. I also have learned that I like to change up my workout patterns, I get a little bored after a while. Hence why, in 3 years I’ve tried 4 different exercise mechanisms.

Thankfully, I’ve reached a conclusion.

My Ultimate Favorite Workout Routine


I heard about Kayla Itsines through my boyfriend so I threw her a follow on Instagram just because. If you haven’t, you should go check her page out. Not only was I motivated to try her program, I felt better about myself through her inspirational quotes and painfully honest picture captions. I aligned with her values, saw numerous results from her program, and appreciated her as a person.

I purchased her BBG 1 – twelve week program and headed to the gym. The first few weeks were pretty easy so I became frustrated. Her followers were saying “I couldn’t walk the next day” or “I saw results right away.” But I didn’t. Trying not to dwell on my thoughts, I continued onto the later weeks and immediately regretted every “this is too easy” thought I had had. It truly kicked my ass. I started to see my thighs and arms not only thinning out but also gaining lean muscle, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do since I stopped dancing.

Now, I’m onto BBG 2 and I have never felt better. Through her teachings, I’ve been able to keep my confidence up and truly realize that everyone’s body is different and although some people accomplish their ‘dream’ body in the first 12 weeks, some take 48. EVERYONE is different and that is best thing I’ve learned through Kayla. I love that each and every workout is something different. A new move, a different targeted body part, and they become harder and harder. I am finally excited to work out, besides leg day…..

Although, I wish I could still be getting my physical activity through dancing, because I miss it oh so much, I truly believe I have found the workout program I will be using for longer than a year. 

ffaOverall, the main thing I’ve learned through the process of controlling what I eat and how I workout is when I am my healthiest, I am my happiest and when I’m happiest, I am my healthiest.

If you’re extremely moved by my post and want to try her program, I recommend before you spend your money, on her website she offers a set of ‘free’ workouts. Do the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by the order they are in. Hopefully you enjoy the workouts enough to purchase the full 12 week program!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me (Although, I will not be posting pictures of my body ‘transformation’ because..that’s just not how I choose to roll).

with love | Madelyn

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