The Good Ol’ Days

Remember the early 2000’s when life was effortless and Snapchat did not exist. Smart phones did not exist. You were one of the lucky kids if you had your own cell phone before high school but not a brand new one, no way. You had your parents hand me down phone, where the only activities you could do with it consisted of calling your other 2 friends who had cell phones and playing Snake.

Am I the only one who feels like that was forever ago? I honestly now understand why ‘old’ people always say “back in my day” because I feel like I’m already doing that.


Back in my day, even talking to your friends outside of school hours required a lot of work. You needed to either go on your family computer to access AIM or call their house phone and ask to speak to them with the knowledge that one of your family members could be on the line listening to your conversation. Saying things like ‘POS’ when your mom or dad walked into the room or speaking in Pig Latin, because that was the cool thing to do.

Back in my day, the party that happened last Friday? Only the people that went knew about it because there were no social media outlets besides MySpace or Xanga (if your parents let you have one) and uploading pictures required digital cameras (if you were lucky to get one as a present ) which took for-ev-er.

Back in my day, hanging out with friends consisted of circling the cute boys in the yearbook, writing in your secret voice-activated journals, then playing kick-the-can with the neighborhood kids.

It makes me sad how the times have so greatly changed because it used to be so simple, but in a not simple way.

It used to be knowing what your friend was up to was because you talked to them, not saw their latest Instagram. It used to be that peoples feelings weren’t hurt when they weren’t invited to a party because they never actually knew about it, not saw it on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook while the actual party was taking place. It used to be the mean things that people said about each other were never actually said but on pages in personal items, not written on the persons Facebook wall or sub-tweeting about them for the world to see.

What happened to us?

I’m not saying I wish everything was like back then (because texting with ABC was a pain in the ass). What I’m trying to get at is that I wish people lived their life easy and carefree like they used to. I wish that people genuinely enjoyed spending time with each other, not documenting it on Snapchat for their followers to see. Because honestly, if you’re having that much fun – why do you have your phone out? Why does it matter if your followers see the funny thing you did for only a few seconds? (I’m not bashing putting funny things on Snapchat, though, because I do get the laughs from certain ‘stories’). I’m talking about making someone re-do something funny that they just said/did because they need to put it as their ‘story.’ That ruins it.

Time goes by so fast yet we’re now so worried about how we appear to our ‘followers.’ I’m no scientist, but I pinky promise that the funny thing that just happened, regardless who saw it, will still be funny to you later, but the 20 people that watched your ‘story’ will forget about it in 5 minutes. So in the end, is it really worth it?

I don’t think it is. I think we need to put down our phones and truly enjoy the time we spend with our friends. We’re not promised tomorrow so why do we waste time so much?

I think we need to remember the good ol’ days when building forts and going on bike rides were for your own amusement, not because you wanted to ‘do it for the gram’ or put it as your snap story so your crush sees that ‘you’re fun.’

I think we need to keep in mind how our actions on social media are affecting the people around us.

I think we all need hit the refresh button to the carefree, loving-life-for-what-it-is mentality that we used to express.

I know, though, that this post will probably be read, agreed with, then forgotten about later but I really challenge you that the next time you’re with the people you love, enjoy the time because we’re truly not promised anything in life and that is for-dang-sure!

with love | Madelyn

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