How I Stay Happy & Healthy

With the tagline of my blog being ‘Happiest Healthiest Self,’ I thought I should let my readers know what I do to accomplish being just that.

In today’s society, it’s become harder and harder to be happy and healthy. Women, especially, are held to certain standards. We are told to meet certain body expectations, to portray ourselves a certain way in relationships, and to act a certain way in the workplace.

With the constant pressure to be a specific way, self-doubt and self-consciousness arises which, ultimately leads to self-destruction.

It’d be hypocritical of me to say ‘don’t listen to anyone but yourself’ because I do admit to falling victim to the pressure around me, BUT I do admit that it does more harm than good and in the end, your happiness is all that matters.

To accomplish being my Happiest Healthiest Self, I listed out the few things I do:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Especially things that are out of your control. You’re going to be late for work because of traffic? Oh well. But even with the stuff that is in your control – you messed up on a big project? Oh well.

There’s no point in stressing over things that you can or can’t fix, you learned what you did and now just try to not do it again. When you’re able to step back and look at the big picture, every situation you’ll ever be in is a learning experience.

2. Create daily and long term goals

Every morning when I get into work I write down a list of things I need to get done that day going by order of importance. At the end of the day I look at what I was able to get done and it feels quite good. Then the things that I didn’t get to go to the top of the list for the next day.

As for long term goals, I have a little notebook where I write realistic goals like ‘read 5 books this summer’ as well as dream goals like ‘flip a house.’ Setting goals for yourself is fun because you’re basically in a competition with yourself and since everyone likes to be the winner, it’s hard to give up.

3. Exercise often

This is something you may or may not agree with but because this is my list, I had to mention it. Working out has become part of my daily routine and I have truly found that I feel off on the days I skip the gym. I’m crabbier, I have less energy, and no pep in my step!

Not only do I feel better when I exercise, I also look better and who doesn’t like looking the absolute best they can?

4. Eat healthy

This goes hand in hand with number 3, you either agree or you disagree! In my opinion, when I eat healthier I feel and look better. I’m not saying cut all bad things out because as I’ve said in other posts – I love pizza and burgers. What I’m saying is if I had pizza for lunch, I try to eat chicken and a salad for dinner. Moderation is key when it comes to what you put into your body!

5. Say (or think) what you’re thankful for everyday

This is something that I need to cautiously think about. I’ve now developed a habit where every night before I fall asleep I think about the positives of that day as well as how grateful I am for everything I have. This is especially helpful if I had an overall bad day because it helps me see that although it may have been bad, I still have a lot to be happy for.

6. Everyday, give yourself a compliment

This is definitely one that I struggle with but it’s something that is truly helpful for me. On the days that my skin may not be 100%, I throw on a cute outfit to help boost my confidence. Then I look in the mirror and say “dannnng girl, you look good” and walk out the door.

7. Write. Shit. Down

This applies to so many aspects of my life – work, personal, goals, daily plans, future plans, ideas (crazy or realistic), to-do’s – it never ends. I write everything down, either in a notebook or in my notes on my phone. I’ve come to find I have a lot of sh** that goes through my mind so writing everything down helps to de-clutter.

The best is when I find random notes and I have no idea why I wrote it down.

8. Make time for yourself

This is something I strive to do whether it be as little as a 1o minute face mask to as long as a 45 minute manicure. Since I started working full time I find that I can get lost in the go-go-go mentality and forget that everyday doesn’t need to be like that and I can take time to just do nothing…it’s pretty awesome when I remember that.

9. Cry

Although this is something that shouldn’t happen everyday, I’m a strong believer in letting it all out. Had a bad day at work? Go home, think about it, cry, then get over it. I tend to bottle up my emotions then they all explode out of me like an anatomic bomb, so attacking my frustration the day it happens seems to be the best alternative for myself and everyone around me.

10. Treat yo’ self

Last but definitely not least, I truly think you should praise yourself when you deserve it. Kind of like a dog, you do something good – you deserve a treat. That treat can be an actual treat like chocolate to a new top or a pedicure. Life is short so I believe you should praise yourself for when you’ve been good!

with love | Madelyn

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