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How to calm your anxious mind

We all have those days when we just feel like crawling into a ball and contemplate this thing called life. From work to personal, things can get pretty tough. Figuring out the certain ways to help you de-stress will benefit you in the long run because trust me, those dark bags under your eyes are not designer.

Stress does terrible damage to not only the way you feel but also your overall health; from asthma and insomnia to depression and anxiety disorders, stress is really no joke.

When I have 5 minutes or 5 hours – here are ways I help relieve that sick to stomach and heart racing anxiety:


When I first came across meditation, I thought it was a little hokey pokey and not really for me – like the sitting-crossed-legged-with-no-noise-distracting-you type meditation. Then I purchased The Little Book of Mindfulness by Tiddy Rowan, and it opened up a whole new door for me. Do you take deeps breaths for stress relief? Well, great news, that is technically considered meditation! This little book of wonders emphasizes the importance of “shutting off the world” – taking a few minutes to a few hours completely relaxing your mind and body. Highly recommend if meditation is the way you calm your anxious mind.


There are days where I could just b**** about everyone and everything, but knowing that venting during those times only creates more anxiety and stress, I try to avoid at all costs.

However, venting can sometimes be an awesome stress release. I normally call my mom then ramble on for 20 minutes realizing in the end that I was in the wrong, but at least it makes me feel better!?

Find that person who is willing to listen and just talk till you can’t anymore, it’ll help.


Don’t worry, I’m not writing another article telling you the importance of physical activity and spitting out random statistics to encourage you to workout. Keep reading…

After I began exercising often, I started to notice how the way I handle negative situations change. Before, something bad would happen and I would lash out, cry, and sulk away in privacy. Now, when I get into a stressful situation – I kid you not – I feel this strong urge to go to the gym or at least go for a walk. Yes, I may cry on my walk or replay the altercation thinking of better comebacks I should have said BUT by the time I get home, I’m over it. The power of physical activity is proven (by me) to help you calm your mind.

See, I didn’t say any statistics 🙂


Sometimes my anxiety starts to rise when everything is out of place, like when my closet a mess, receipts and bills stacked on my desk, and my apartment is turned upside down. Yes, I’m one of those freaks who gain a strong sense of relaxation after cleaning. And not just cleaning messes – I enjoy cleaning out my closet, cleaning out my drawers, organizing my bills and receipts (yes, I keep all my receipts), and cleaning out my facial and hair products (yes, those do go bad).

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with stuff you cannot control, try organizing and de-cluttering stuff you CAN control. Don’t knock it till you try it – I promise it’ll help!

Pamper Yourself

Nothing screams “DE-STRESS!” more than a massage, facial, or mani/pedi. Although they can be pricey, I truly believe that setting money aside each month for one ‘treat-yo-self’ moment can really help your overall being. Obviously I am a recent graduate in mad debt so some months I just cannot justify spending the money. Instead, I’ll throw on a $2 dollar face mask, light some candles, take a bath and read a book — I call it pampering on a budget!


So, next time the feeling of wanting to scream erupts within, try one of the above mechanisms and calm your anxious mind.

with love | Madelyn

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