One Way Relationship

I have bad news.

I have found out my relationship with gluten and dairy no longer goes both ways. I love them but they definitely do not love me.

It was an abrupt and shocking breakup but it had to happen. They just weren’t loving me the way they used to. You know the feeling – complete happiness, warm insides, butterflies in your stomach. All of that started to slowly change; I would be with them then leave feeling just not right.

I realized that something that once made me so happy might not make me so happy anymore.

But, I also have good news.

I’ve felt so much better without them in my life. I’m now free of the pain they once caused me. I’m learning how to live a life without them. I get to find new places to go and new things to try!

I’ve learned how to live a happy life despite the setbacks of not being able to enjoy the thing I once did so much. I get to feel better about myself, stand tall, and not hide behind my feelings.

Stay tuned for my go-to snacks and recipes since I can no longer reach for crackers & cheese or bugers & bagels.

with love | Madelyn

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