Bookworm #3

Oh man have I been busy reading! If you’re in the mood for a new read see personal reviews on a handful of books below.

Where She Went – Gayle Forman

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Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay, which I touched on in a my second Bookworm post. Unlike the first novel where the viewpoint was from Mia, Where She Went is told through Adam’s eyes. After Mia woke up from a tragic car accident she decided to part ways with Adam knowing her past would be too hard to hold on to. He becomes a successful rock star and she becomes a top-rate cellist. Will their paths collide again since they both are living in New York? Both these stories were an easy read – Gayle Forman is brilliant with her words. Highly recommend!

The Silent Wife – A.S.A Harrison

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The Silent Wife is set in Chicago where Jodi and Todd live a seemingly normal married life, even though they never did. Todd is a wealthy and successful property developer while Jodi is a part-time psychologist seeing two patients a day. Most of her life is devoted to Todd’s comfort and pleasure – gourmet meals, clean clothes, chooses his outfits each day, etc.. This book makes you realize that sometimes relationships that appear to be perfect are the exact opposite. Exciting read but not one of my favorites!

In the Woods – Tana French

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Although this book won MANY awards, I have to admit I didn’t love it. I found the plot to be very slow and unappealing. In The Woods is about a murder that took place in 1984. Three kids were playing in a Dublin suburban wooded area when the mother calls them home for dinner. When they didn’t return police went out looking. They found one of the boys grasping a tree trunk in terror, the other 2 children missing. Twenty years later that boy changes his name to Bob Ryan and becomes a detective, keeping his past a deep secret. Then, a 12 year old girl is murdered in those same woods and Detective Ryan is assigned to the case.

Pretty Girls – Karin Slaughter

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If you choose to only read one of the books in this review – PLEASE choose this one! (I think I have now gifted it to 5 people). Karin Slaughter was able to capture a story that I couldn’t have imagined in a thousand years. This was an edge-of-your-seat-gasp-at-each-page type book. Seriously. Pretty Girls is a psychological thriller about a family torn apart by a tragedy that was never solved until certain, sick and absolutely twisted, events unraveled. Disturbing, shocking, scary, and amazing all wrapped into 592 pages.

In a Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware

In a Dark, Dark Wood

After hearing impressive reviews I couldn’t wait to dive into this book and man, I was not disappointed! Ruth Ware captures this enticing plot about a reunion of two long-lost friends at a bachelorette party, in the middle of the woods, in an all glass house – already creepy, right?! Oh, it gets so much worse. Secrets start to unfold and something so tragic happens that even Leo, the protagonist, can’t remember what happened…or who died. Short, easy, and amazing read!

Guilty Wives – James Patterson

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If you’re like me then you were intimated to pick up a James Patterson book – I still can’t explain why but I was. However, the little note on the cover of Guilty Wives; “If you’ve never read James Patterson, start here” was a pretty bold sign that I should give this book a try. As expected, I was not let down and now want to read all his books! Guilty Wives displays a story about Abbie Elliot and her three best friends during their travel to Monte Carlo for an expensive and luxurious girls weekend. However, a ‘simple’ night of partying on a man-they-met-at-the-club’s yacht, turns into a night they’d never forgive themselves for. Must, MUST read!

The Pocket Wife – Susan Crawford

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If you were to ask me what I would rate this book numerically, I would say a 7/10. There are so many moving parts in this book it was hard to keep up with. Definitely not a book you can set down for a week or two then pick back up! The Pocket Wife depicts the life of Dana Catrell and how her neighbor was brutally murdered. Dana was the last person to see her alive but cannot remember what happened because she suffers from mania. Throughout the story Dana tries to piece the night back together while revealing deep secrets about people she loves.

Along Came a Spider – James Patterson

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As I said above, I wanted to jump into all of James Patterson’s book nose first. Along Came a Spider is the first of the Alex Cross series. A little girl named Maggie Rose is taken from school, a family of three is murdered in the projects and a guy named Gary Soneji is on the loose. Sonjei is a psychopathic serial murdered who calls himself the Son of Lindbergh. He is absolutely brilliant which makes him one of the most scariest killers the FBI has dealt with. Not only that, but Alex Cross is crushing over a beautiful Secret Service agent named Jezzie Flanaganis who has some secrets below the covers. Highly highly recommend if you want to read James Patterson but don’t know where to start!

The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware

The Woman In Cabin 10

Ruth Ware does it again with this suspenseful, well written story about a journalist who was sent on a business trip by her publisher to write an article about a tiny luxury cruise ship. However, her apartment is broken into the night before she’s to leave but that doesn’t stop her from boarding the boat. Out of sorts from the burglary, she’s not sleeping so she consumes alcohol then passes out – only to be woken by a scream and a splash. Knowing she saw something real, Lo is determined to figure out who was murdered. A great summer read that you won’t be able to put down!

Hopefully I have convinced you on one or two books! As always, stay tuned for my next review in a few months.

with love | Madelyn

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